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Creative Project Management

Hiya, fellow artist! Want to get shit done, but feeling bogged the F down with ALL the steps that fall between starting a project and finishing it (aka- getting paid)? I've got you covered, pal! When we work together to setup project managment/deadlines/a cunning plan, you get all the benefits of my YEARS (we're talking over a decade, but who's counting?) of creative project management in the corporate arena without ever setting foot in a cubicle-filled office!

Creative project coaching with me is the first step you need to get your creative projects headed in the right direction. I've been juggling an art career and a full-time position as a creative project manager for years, so when I says I gets shit done, you know I mean it! I've worked with big brands, local organizations (CIAF's 100 Tiny Things, for example), and artists on projects spanning every shape and size and I'm excited to share what I've learned with my clients and employers to keep them organized and on track.


Schedules & deadlines can be overwhelming. 
Using a comfortable combination of technology and good old fashioned pen & paper, I can help you build your project's work flow with room to rest built in!

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Knowing someone's going to ask you how things are going can be a great motivator. My goal is to help you organize all the little bits and pieces, provide accountability (like a gym buddy!), and set you up to work at a healthy pace. Need check ins? I can do that!


Sometimes talking things out is the best way to move forward. Let it all out and lean on my experience in problem-solving & critical thinking to give you an outside view of your project's sweet spots and snags. 


“I reached out to Cat Babbie for help on a large project that required three different communities coming together over a period of six months, and included a variety of moving parts from funding, to community and business partners, and volunteer coordination. 


I’m capable of going from A to B, but there were so many pieces to the puzzle, I couldn’t see what B was. I was having a lot of difficulty figuring out the sequence of events and how they needed to occur in order to be done efficiently and effectively. Cat helped me zoom out, and organize a timeline with manageable steps to follow. Her services were vital to the creation and fulfillment of this project.

It was so helpful to have an outside perspective to see things from another angle. Our brains work completely differently, but combined, we made something quite beautiful. What would’ve taken me an entire day to figure out, she put together in an hour. I’m super grateful and couldn't recommend her more.”

Irisol Gonzalez
Muralist and Fine Artist

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