Hello and welcome! I'm Cat Babbie; fiber artist, photographer and writer. 

I explore the transformational power of weaving together related and unexpected mediums. Experimenting with the expansive opportunities offered by fiber art is a vital facet of how I explore the world as an artist. Each project I work with informs and expands on what comes next. Depending on the day you can catch me working with anything ranging from sculpture, weaving, chasing color, and sewing to leather craft and peering through my camera lens. Or maybe I’ll be baking bread or helping a friend build a website, who knows! It could be one of those days for tea and my sketchbook, rest is important, too.

Sharing my life’s creative journey (bumps and bruises included) with you, my community, is just as important as the work I do in the studio. Here online, and out and about in my hometown I strive to keep space open for everyone to experience their creative truth. I believe everyone is creative, no matter what the expression may be. You can be creative without ever making what this society calls ‘Art’. I want to help shine a light on everyone’s creative strengths, regardless of the source of their inspiration. Let’s go explore that path together. 

I studied studio art and art history at James Madison University and have grown roots in Charlotte, NC with my husband and three cats in a cozy, 101 year-old bungalow.

photo by courtney swift

photo by courtney swift


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Writing: Place (Sacred Space)

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