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The dye pot is where Cat fell in love with the world of textiles; dying yarn for tufting is as important to her as mixing colors is for a painter. It has always played the leading role in her work. Some colors come out so well they are celebrated in small works, hung together like map pins. Others form larger skyscapes, echoes of wayfinding through memories and dreams.

In the spectrum of styles, Cat lands in abstract fiber arts. She works in a variety of textile forms; from tufting to felted sculptures, weaving to sewing. Currently, she is concentrating on machine tufting; using a yarn-fed power tool to create wall pillows and soft sculptures with hand-dyed wool.

The tufts are soft, blending texture and pigment. When displayed, the pieces soften a space, and invite the viewers to come closer. Everyone who encounters these pieces of art wants to touch them. It’s Cat's favorite part of textiles - creating work that entices people to interact directly with the fibers.

A naturalized Charlottean, Cat put down deep roots in North Carolina over a decade ago. She works in her studio at the VAPA Center and the cozy old bungalow she shares with her two sweet cats. She studied studio art and art history at James Madison University in Virginia.

Cat is a proud member of the ArtPop Street Gallery class of 2021.

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