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Sometimes projects need to be talked out in order to fully blossom. Take advantage of over a decade’s worth of experience in product marketing with Cat on your side. She can help translate between folks with strong visual vocabularies (that’s you, creative type!) and those who just know…they like it or they don’t (but couldn’t tell you WHY either way).


A fresh pair of eyes can be the fastest way to get your gears rolling, so bring your obstacles AND your dreams to the table! Focused ideas go farther with the exponential power of two excited minds. Brainstorming with Cat will feel like a conversation; questions back and forth, challenges laid out, silly ideas unleashed. The conversation will be recorded so you can listen again for new revelations. Old lists will show how far you’ve come, and how much a project can evolve when given space to breathe.


Teaming up with Cat can be project-to-project, adapted for what you need that day. Every creative can benefit from a sounding board, regardless of their discipline. It's time to get started on those dreams! 

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