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Van Gogh Artist Residency

I'm late on writing about being an Artist in Residence at the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit here in Charlotte! If you follow along on Instagram, you know that the third wave of artist started in September and has been a whirlwind of sweet connections, tufting and watercolors! I can't believe we're already midway through!

As always, you can visit the FREE 'show outside the show' during regular business hours, just let the nice people at the door know you're here to check the artists out. Our schedules will be varied, so be sure to check in if you're looking to see someone specific! Naturally, if you want to view the projected exhibit, you'll need to purchase a ticket.

While at the residency, I've been digging into Vincent's palettes, reinterpreting them in yarn, and tufting swirls together. Original watercolor paintings have also made their official debut, and I'm SUPER excited at how well they've been received!

Check out my fellow artists friends in residence:

(photo by sweet security man)

Want to know even more about how we got involved with the exhibit? Check out this article with Bree Stallings, Charlotte's superstar artist wrangler.

(photo by Tara Spil)


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