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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Everyone likes behind the scenes, right?

Here are some images of Future:Movement, the first piece made in my Hart-Witzen studio, and a reconnection to my true inspirations, abstracted color and texture. It is also a proud member of the class of 2021 ArtPop Street Gallery! This piece is an important mark on my life's map. It stands for a LOT of growth, reacquainting my Artist Self with abstraction and color, indulgence in favorite colors, and working outside the box of canvas shape.

Official Artist Statement:

Future Movement is the first in a series that delves into interpreting movement as color. It is a celebration of hue and a reminder to myself that abstract art is home, that color creation is what moves me to create. Tufting offers an avenue to be both soft and structured, to balance the tension between wanting to touch the artwork, while knowing it is against ‘The Rules’.

This series is created by dying the wool yarn myself, which provides subtleties and variations that cannot be found in commercially dyed yarn. Commercial blue is blue; my blue is aqua, robin’s egg blue, the first-blue-in-the-morning, all in one hank of yarn. Using a yarn-fed power tool called a tufting gun, I create textured textile pieces that are then stretched across custom wood panels. The panels, like our own bones, are the invisible support for each piece.


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