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Cat is an abstract fiber artist in Charlotte, North Carolina who works in a variety of textile forms, from small-scale felted sculptures to large tufted wall hangings and large scale paper & wool sculptures. In 2020 Cat’s tufted work was awarded an Arts and Science Council Community Supported Art grant (CSA grant). She is also a proud member of the ArtPop Street Gallery class of 2021. She was also part of the 2023 Artfields show in Lake City, South Carolina.

Cat’s current work concentrates on her cocoon sculptures created with hand-dyed wool felt, and so many beads and sequins. She still dabbles in machine tufting, a technique that allows her to create art with her signature hand-dyed wool by using a yarn-fed power tool. She has also has a chain stitch embroidery machine to her studio and is having a blast making iron-on patches that range from downright silliness to affordable artworks. Stay in the know as she continues to create exciting new tactile art, on her Updates page.

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