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Arts & Science Council CSA

Have you seen the abbreviation CSA floating around the internet for a while? Usually it stands for Community Supported Agriculture, but every once in a while, the A stands for ART. I had the honor of joining eight other artists in creating 50 pieces each for 50 shareholders via the Arts & Science Council’s CSA grant.

The opportunity to interact directly with the shareholders was one of the biggest reasons I was drawn to the CSA program. Being able to witness the shareholders’ reactions to my tufting pieces as they were revealed was such a joy. I love watching people who suddenly realize they are allowed to touch the art. To work within the time and size constraints of the CSA program, and knowing that the pieces had good homes waiting for them was both challenging and freeing. I’m so glad I was able to be part of this grant program.

Below you’ll find a selection of each series, made from hand-dyed wool yarn, and machine tufted.


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