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I want you to touch my art.


I create cocoon-like fiber sculptures that are vibrant and tactile, enticing you to reach out and touch them; to make a physical connection with these strange, beautiful things. As life moves faster and increasingly digital, we become more isolated, but our intrinsic need for connection never disappears. The more touch screens, the more we need to touch things. Handmade art reminds us that attraction is real, that we are not the only ones who value beauty, that we are not alone.


 My work elicits a multi-sensory reaction from its viewers. A hand slowly reaching out, only to be quickly recalled as they realize they're about to touch the art! Leaning into that reaction is an integral part of how I think about creating. My goal is for people to interact with the multitude of textures and colors of the work on multiple levels. The practice of not touching the art is deeply ingrained in art-viewing; it’s exciting to see that folks want to touch my work so much that they nearly override that cardinal rule. Whenever possible, I grant permission to touch my work, which brings out a child-like sparkle in everyone. I look forward to sharing every aspect of my work, emotional and physical, with the world every time I start a new piece.

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