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In this body of work my familiar wet felted cocoons have evolved into forms with wire skeletons. This architecture, along with light-bending beads and sequins, brings textural facets to my work. Marrying armatures and wool has allowed me to create sculptures that were formerly trapped in my head. These felt cocoons are unplanned, giving me space to act in the moment, and react to puzzles that have no pictures. The resulting shapes and structures are loose and dramatic — even jarring — but they are safe spaces even if they feel unfamiliar. They encourage you to explore them with all your senses, especially touch.


In my work, I attempt to portray the cocoon as a sanctuary where individuals can find solace and protection from the outside world. It becomes a haven where one can retreat, reflect, and nurture their inner selves. At the same time, I acknowledge the deeper connotation of the cocoon as a symbol of rebirth. Through my art, I investigate the idea of shedding old layers and emerging as a transformed being. The cocoon becomes a metaphor for the process of self-discovery and reinvention. It represents the courage to embrace change and step into the unknown, leaving behind the familiar and venturing into new territories of growth.

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