Today is a Tuesday... and it’s different from the rest, in that I’m not at ‘work’... nor am I on vacation. My position at the office was eliminated a few weeks ago, and this is my second day of a work week with out a job. 

I have plenty to do, all the same.

Knowing that my skills and experience will guide me towards my next opportunities, with help from my friends and networks has kept me anchored away from panic.

So I suppose this month’s intention or theme is... well, I was going to say faith... but ended up with this instead:


As we all have; I’ve done, been though, and seen a lot. I know how to do a lot of things, and am sure that this is a brilliant, tricky, and exciting new chapter. I am looking forward to being able to have more time to create, while I take time to find the right job.

Tomorrow I move into a new studio space at C3lab, to embark on a new adventure of connections, tufting, and expanding my dyeing capabilities.  

See you soon, have a beautiful month, day and hour.