It snowed yesterday. In April. In Charlotte, NC… It didn’t last, but it was wild to witness.

When was the last time you stopped to observe? Stopped by wonder and awe, at the clouds, a flower, the light slipping under storm clouds, hitting the tops of trees ?


The unexpected can be external and internal… Taking a pause, doing one thing at a time (really, just ONE- try it every once and a while, no distractions catered to). Taking a chance to step out of your comfort zone and wonder at your own bravery… Even if you’re shoring up your worried mind with promises that you just have to go look, but not say yes… Do the thing that scares you just enough to make you want it. You can do it, and then what ELSE can you do?!

I’ve committed to an art fair at the end of this month. It’s given me reason and drive to really stick in the studio, to not walk away from my bench, to keep going. The amount of work I’ve produced so far… well, I’m chuffed that I’ve done so much! I have a few more goals I’d like to meet, but right now I’m looking forward to a full day of dyeing clothing and bandannas this weekend. If I meet those personal goals, it means another day later in the month will be full of new color and brightness.

If you’re local to Charlotte, I hope you can come! Here’s the FB link for easy scheduling.