Leather Stamping 101



Cost: $45.00 per person

Workshop Length: 3 hours, depending on how long things take to dry and our general chatty levels. 

Workshop location: This workshop is travel friendly, if you'd like to host up to 8 fellow students in your own location, please email me at crbabbie (at) gmail.com, or through the contact form on the about tab above.  ( bead shop, home, boutique, gallery, you name it!).  We'll talk further from there.  If you'd like to share the class in my home studio, find a friend and we'll have a more intimate environment. 

What do I need to know about leather? Nothing, except that you're curious about how to work with it! No experience is necessary for this workshop, all levels are welcome. 

What happens? I will provide all materials and tools needed. Students will be guided through basic stamping techniques, design and color theory. They will learn how to manipulate their leather pieces and how to set a snap in their finished bracelet. This class is about leather, but also pattern designing and color experiments. 

What are the end results? Students go home with 1-2 finished leather cuff-style bracelets that they've designed.

Feel free to bring the following if you already own them:

  • x acto/ retractable blade knife.
  • small cutting board
  • wooden, rawhide or small rubber mallet