Intuitive Stitching

This two day workshop is based on how I approach my cocoons, part art, part meditation, part emotional journal. They are about exploring the spaces between our hearts, hands and the world around us.  We will be quietly focused on exploring the creative force we all have within us.  By learning new techniques we start to tap into that force, and help it grow.  These pieces are meant to be meditative and curious, this workshop is a jumping point for everyone to expand their creative journey.  We will create room for freedom to explore, to ditch the Rules and create on a deeper level, one that better reflects from the maker's heart.


Day One

Form building

We will gather together and go over the basics of wet felting. Students will create both 2D and 3D shapes out of wool roving.  Color theory will be discussed and students will be lead through the process of dying their wool pieces in the color of their choice.  

Day 2


After collecting their now dry wool pieces, students will be presented with a selection of beads, threads and other assorted bits and bobs. Stitching will be demonstrated with both threads and beads, focusing on adding texture, weight and dimension to the wool. 

IMG_8817 (1).jpg



Cost: $280 per person, supplies included

Location & Time: This workshop is offered in my backyard, under trees and bamboo.  We will meet for two days in a row, from 11-3, generally a Saturday and Sunday. *

Experience: Some experience in fiber arts is helpful for this workshop, but not necessary. 

What to bring:

  • Beads and embroidery thread that you love.  I will provide a selection of these supplies, but do feel free to bring what inspires you the most! Larger beads are highly recommended as focal points for your pieces. 
  • Comfortable clothes- dark colors or old clothes that you don't mind getting wet/dyed are recommended. Aprons are also a good thing to bring if you're worried about spills. 
  • Sunscreen, better safe than sorry! 
  • Sketchbook/ Notebook to record your thoughts (don't forget your pen!)
  • Water bottle, stay hydrated! 
  • A bagged lunch.

*If you are interested in hosting this workshop, please contact me through the contact form in the About tab above, or email directly to crbabbie(at)