Healing Consultant for the Creative

Is your art sick?

Are your sketchbooks dusty? Do your paints and pens miss you? Do your creative habits need a refreshing kick-start?

Working with me looks like whatever you need, direction given where it’s needed most. We can work together to help refresh your creative self. Your medium doesn’t matter. We can talk about writing, painting, sculpture, photography, cooking, you name it. My goal is to help you rebuild your creative ‘toolbox’ and expand your resources, so you can grow into the space you need to be a happy, healthy, art-making you.


Fanning inspiration flames through exploration and writing

Even if it has been weeks, months, years since you’ve met up with your creative side you can find it again. It might be different than what you remember, but that is so very okay!

Shake off the usual patterns and climb out of ruts.

Try new mediums,  learn to play again.

Take the “must make to sell” pressure out of creating.

Make for the sake of making.

Dreaming big plans

Goal writing, action plans, check-ins, big dreams.

Let’s get a big piece of paper and brainstorm what you really want to be doing with your creative work.

Writing artist statements and bios

Writing about yourself and your work is hard! 

I’ll ask questions to get things rolling and will be here to help edit if you’re anything like me and end up with a pile of words.

Studio organizing

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes on a space can do wonders for work flow.

Or maybe it’s just gotten overwhelming and you need someone to help get things started. When was the last time you took stock of what you have in your collection of making things? We can pull everything out of the drawers and boxes, organize what you need and let go of what you’ve outgrown; making room for new growth (and new supplies, naturally).

Let’s make your works-pace fit you like your favorite pair of jeans (no matter how small, dining room tables and your lap on the couch totally count!).

Words are important, let’s find the best ones for you.

Learn to better navigate the  dreaded land of 'marketing speak'. (It's not so bad, promise!) 

Being able to frame your responses to requests for work and samples in a clear and easy to understand manner is a great skill to develop. That way you’ll always be ready to make connections knowing that you sound as professional as you really are. 

We’ll also make sure your social media is working for you. We’ll start by looking through your social media insights and understanding how to best utilize these tools. 

If this is your first time working with me, please be sure to select the

Initial Consult option