Musings from the Studio

I posted this photo on instagram the other day, the caption was "Two done, a blue to go. Picking out the pieces".  A dear client of mine mentioned how she wished she could watch me work.  My answer surprised me in its clarity (bless those pre-caffeinated morning dream thoughts), I wanted to share it with you, and expand a little.  " feels like walking through a room you know well, with your eyes closed. But still being able to find what you need."

For instagram, that's a solid answer, for me, I wanted to delve in more.  I figure, if I've surprised myself, let's see what else is in there!  

When a cocoon is dyed and is ready for its embellishments, I try not to let my brain rule the roost. I dim those lights, and brighten my intuition. My heart leads.  I hold up tubes of beads, palm stones and squint at the cotton threads. Sometimes I find myself moving towards subtle color matches, and contrasting tones the next.  Every bit is important, every piece chosen with care.  The weight of the final pod is a mystery, until it is finished, but I can see a glimmer of how large of a project it will be by the amount of beads I think I'll go through. A lot of the times I'm wrong, and the cocoon is much more stitch-heavy than bead-heavy, it's always a experimental process.  Each cocoon is as unique as you and I are, but like us, a common thread runs through them (pun SO intended).