The Second Guardian

She stands before you.

The spells that protect you, this is where they come from, in your soul.

The secrets that are not ready to come out, they will be safe.

Blues swirling into greens and teals, back again.  The light reflects off the beads and the pearls gleam in the gentle movement.

Wool/silk yarn, glass beads, pearls, cotton thread.

Into the Wild

Remember the Shield? Here she is at home. 

photos kindly offered by Janet B. 

thank you, my dear! 

The Guardian

The Guardian, a custom cocoon for a talented jewelry artist I met this summer.  She reached out initially about a different cocoon, but ultimately chose for me to make one just for her.  True Self, finding Her, sacred space, trees, and gentle energy were our themes.

Tendrils, greens and rich blues were requested. Though it turned out more purple than blue, I ended up loving the evening-twilight-between duskiness of the colors. The sway of tendrils weighted down with beads.  Tucked in here and there are beads she sent me to use.  The inside speaks of geodes, the tendrils of roots (rooting down into her inner self-journey).

Opening to the light.

Journey within, find the jeweled cave, your shining soul, heal, rest, love. 

Fly away home

These three cocoons recently found their home, all together, I like that. 

The process of selling art online is a strange one.  

I had forgotten my phone at home that day. (A lovely surprise) When I checked my email that evening after returning, there it was- the email saying that someone had decided to bring my art into her home.  I was gob smacked for a minute, and then it hit me, the way it always does- that people want what I have made, what I have created with my two hands and heart.  

I’m used to selling at art shows, introducing my art to people that are right in front of the work, touching and hearing the stories behind each piece.  Setting up shop online removes that conversation, and it makes it harder to describe what I’m trying to do when I make art, especially the cocoons.  

Harder might not be the right word… It’s more that I have to dig a little deeper, to make up for the lack of body language and physical proximity.  Writing about my work has made me a better communicator of elusive feelings and forces me to construct words around the work of my hands.  I’d much rather chat with someone, to have help in exploring our vocabulary to explain what each piece brings forth!  

I love my online shop though, it connects me to people that I’ll probably never meet in person.  It allows dear strangers to see what I have to offer the world, and invites them to join in. 

All of this is to say, I suppose, thank you, and welcome! 

A wee mouse

A custom order for a sweet soul.  It came out so dear and small, it felt like a mouse, in the best way. Tiny, delicate, yet powerful.

The Shield

Sometimes, we go dark.  Sometimes we've beaten or ignored too long, too hard, to see the light anymore. Pushed back into the shadows, retreating to the night.  

Yet, something still glimmers, your shield, your sword cobwebbed and dusty. Pick them up, feel the familiar weight of your own self-defense, tap back into your strength.  Light the candle, roll your shoulders and square up to the darkness.  Take it back.


This is to remind you that there is always a next step to take, even when your back is to the wall.

available here



Evolving into Art

When I've spoken about my cocoons in the past, they've been very much about, well, me.  How they are my meditations, and opportunity to explore space and stitches, sometimes specific emotion.  It’s been a beautiful yet passive relationship.  I spoke of how hanging things from the ceiling will change a space, but haven’t explained why it changes it.  I told you about the hundreds of beads, but not how it feels to hold one in your hand, cupping it closer, to examine the details.  I've been technical about something that- at the very end of it all- is emotional and kinetic in energy.  I'm just realizing this myself, evolving as a artist-maker. 

And then, (as the storybooks go) The Emergence was made.  Made for someone in mind. Made to honor that bright soul, to sing how I love her being in this world.  After a beautiful conversation I realized that I had opened up more to the universe when I made this cocoon, and knowing that opened me right up to a good, hard fact.  The cocoons are more important than I realized, more important than I wanted to admit to myself.  These are vessels for the stories that we are living. 

When someone chooses to bring one of my cocoons into their space, I hope it shifts the energy in the direction they need. A token of hope, a reminder that the darkness does not last, a note to stop and breathe.  I hope they hang it somewhere they see everyday. That they touch it, and feel the weight of wool studded with beads and thread in their palms. 

I want to keep making these, with others in mind, even if I don’t know who the cocoon will ultimately end up with. I’m ready (well, let’s be honest, ready, terrified and nervous but so willing) to share this new found level of capability in my hands.  To develop what’s been there all along, waiting for me to see it. 

I want to grown along with my art, and I hope it grows with you as well.