A Year to Come

I start thinking about the end of the year just before Solstice, on my birthday, as we all do. It seemed especially labyrinthine (new word!) this year, with my new year, the Solstice, the Christmas holiday-travel and the New Year feeling like they all happened at once.

It's a time for reflection, self care, beginnings and endings.  Excitement, shedding of the old and well known, nurturing of the mysterious new... This year how I create changed in strong, spark-starting ways.  This year was perhaps, about finding myself within my art. This year, my goal is to take what I've learned and run with it, scattering it like seeds into the world.

I'm ready to trip over scary things, leap with joy with new skills and connections. I want to hone my craft, to tool, stitch, and weave with confidence and share what I create with you, the world.

It's going to be huge.

These are the things I hope to accomplish in this new calendar year, in addition to continuing to do what I've found this past year. I split them up between art and self, but we all know it's really the same list.

for my Work

  • Be in the Studio every day. Even if it's just sitting in the quiet in my grandmother's chair.
  • Write more about my real world of creating. The balance of creating what makes my soul sing vs. having a day job, paying bills, learning new methods of moving through my art, sleeping enough while trying to make enough art.
  • Explore different options of photographing my work
  • Make the clogs
  • Paint more, on leather and paper
  • Practice for practice's sake
  • Collaborate with patrons to make belts & bags
  • Weave more custom scarves (this is going to be exciting!)
  • Explore wet felting as a cocoon making option
  • Teach those who want to learn

for my Heart

  • Move my body more often. Be it at the gym, yoga class, or on the living room floor, I found myself missing the quiet of physical, blood-pumping movement this year.
  • Bake bread, eat it with cultured butter
  • Cook more dinners, and try new recipes
  • Keep my heart open
  • Remember to breathe
  • Drink hot tea (and whiskey) slowly, savor the moment
  • Putter about the yard
  • Take trips
  • Nap in the hammock
  • Visit with friends, near and far (dessert dates, letters, phone calls)

I'll continue to explore my mediums, work with intent. I'll snuggle the kitties and humans I adore, drink lots of water, and bake cookies.  I will continue to learn to listen to my true-self, and to ask for help when it's needed. 

This is just the base of the mountain.  I am ready.

What will you do this year?

The Second Guardian

She stands before you.

The spells that protect you, this is where they come from, in your soul.

The secrets that are not ready to come out, they will be safe.

Blues swirling into greens and teals, back again.  The light reflects off the beads and the pearls gleam in the gentle movement.

Wool/silk yarn, glass beads, pearls, cotton thread.

Clean Slate

You may have noticed that I've managed to focus on only a few projects lately.  It's the joy and pain of custom orders. I truly enjoy the collaborative energy that customs take, but there's also the pressure of meeting deadlines and praying that my work will be what the receiver thinks she asked for (or he!). 

It means challenges in trying something new.  It means hoping the colors come out alright, working into the night. Photos are key in showing not only progress, but also changes to the original design. Communication is so important!  

There’s a lot of faith. 

There’s a lot of fear and frustration. 

My studio becomes messy, cluttered, near disaster zone status.  Scraps of leather everywhere, bungled rivets scatter the floor, fighting with spilled beads for dominance. (Watch your step!) There is a buzz of energy as deadlines approach (backpacks are needed when school starts! eep!) 

The sweet relief of a successful custom order is brilliant.  The deep breath when the last bead or rivet is put in its place.  The click of the shutter as I take photos to record, to remember.  The swoosh of the broom as I unearth the floor and workbench from the clutter. 

Then there’s all the other projects I have on my plate… the ones that I want to work on in tandem with the customs, but don’t have time at the end of the day to play with. 

Speaking of which...


Musings from the Studio

I posted this photo on instagram the other day, the caption was "Two done, a blue to go. Picking out the pieces".  A dear client of mine mentioned how she wished she could watch me work.  My answer surprised me in its clarity (bless those pre-caffeinated morning dream thoughts), I wanted to share it with you, and expand a little.  "...it feels like walking through a room you know well, with your eyes closed. But still being able to find what you need."

For instagram, that's a solid answer, for me, I wanted to delve in more.  I figure, if I've surprised myself, let's see what else is in there!  

When a cocoon is dyed and is ready for its embellishments, I try not to let my brain rule the roost. I dim those lights, and brighten my intuition. My heart leads.  I hold up tubes of beads, palm stones and squint at the cotton threads. Sometimes I find myself moving towards subtle color matches, and contrasting tones the next.  Every bit is important, every piece chosen with care.  The weight of the final pod is a mystery, until it is finished, but I can see a glimmer of how large of a project it will be by the amount of beads I think I'll go through. A lot of the times I'm wrong, and the cocoon is much more stitch-heavy than bead-heavy, it's always a experimental process.  Each cocoon is as unique as you and I are, but like us, a common thread runs through them (pun SO intended).  


Being graceful can be awkward.  It can seem downright impossible. 

We all lack grace, here and there, in movement and in heart. 

I know I clench up so hard some days that the thought of moving through that brick wall of frustration seems impossible.  It reflects in my physical world- I drop things, spilling tea or beads, banging shins on tables that haven't been moved for years.  I've learned to stay away from the tooling bench on days like those.  Eventually, I move on auto pilot into self-care, a bath, the gym or some yoga, stitching small things onto other small things, writing it all out, screaming in the car.  Sometimes, I'm particularly in tune, and I do these things with purpose, examining the trail that lead me to that point, backtracking, finding my own north once more. 

It comes back, the Grace we need to move through the world with an open heart, willing to listen and support those who need it.  

Reconnect with yourself, and grace will find you. 



Wool & silk yarn has been knitted, felted and dyed Lavender with hints of mossy green. It has been adorned with cotton thread, glass beads, fluorite and amethyst.  


Find Grace here

The Shield

Sometimes, we go dark.  Sometimes we've beaten or ignored too long, too hard, to see the light anymore. Pushed back into the shadows, retreating to the night.  

Yet, something still glimmers, your shield, your sword cobwebbed and dusty. Pick them up, feel the familiar weight of your own self-defense, tap back into your strength.  Light the candle, roll your shoulders and square up to the darkness.  Take it back.


This is to remind you that there is always a next step to take, even when your back is to the wall.

available here



Some new, some old

Experimenting with a new photography look... I think I'll go with a combo of this and how I've been shooting.  I like the clean shot this provides, but still like showing how my cuffs look on wrists and nestled amongst other things.

p.s. these are all available, let me know if one is yours!

Studio Studies

I finally bought and installed one of those wire curtain hangers for the cocoons Now they can hang from the ceiling, all together. I love how it changes the space. It makes photographing them a little easier too!