Slipping away


It was time for some mountain air. Past time.

Take a day, drive to the mountains. Wander the town's hills, visit the shops. Drink a beer, find some tea, buy beads and a new mallet, chartreuse dye, just to make sure you don't run out.

On your way home, turn right off the highway at nearly the last minute. Follow the signs to the parkway. drive until you pass a pullover with a creek. Turn around. Get out and breath. Dip fingers in the icy water. Bring stones and images back with you.

Find a piece of your heart where it belongs.

Gratitude Project Part IV

For the baker who builds fire with wood and sweat. 

Loaves and pies and pizzas, caressed by hand and smoke. 

Fresh flour, yeast, apples and cheese. Mountain air. 

Let the embers burn, deep black-red, with love. 

(The color is wonky, but the movement is true.)