A year in review

It seems like a lot has changed, in every nook and cranny of my life. 

So... let's talk about the creative side, it's plenty big and important. 

The Gratitude Project was launched

A loom was purchased


Three major bag projects were made, and plenty of fringe was cut


So, so many cocoons were made. 

Leather was explored

Plenty of experiments were done, results falling into learning and successes. Words were written, dreams spoken out loud and pinned down into actions. More dreams were imagined up from the clouds.  

Big steps and little steps, all taken, all moving forward to now. To the new year.  

I'm still swirling around what my goals would like to be for 2016, but for now, I'm enjoying the last days of this year with friends, family and studio all in my heart. 

Happy Holidays, may your soul be light and your heart be warm.

Thank you, for all of your support this year. It would've been much less interesting with all of you.

In Gratitude Parts 1 & 2

A love letter to my fellow artists.

Dear beloved souls,

You are not alone, I see you.

Keep making, keep writing, keep struggling to express that push behind your heart, the spark in your mind, the good fight in your eyes.

Weather the storm. 

Wake up in the morning, stay up late into the night. Savor the afternoon. Greet your muse like an old friend, learn to lay fallow when she takes a vacation (perhaps... you need one too?).  Pour yourself some tea, drink some water, don't forget to eat.  Get out of your studio and doodle.  Rest. 






So much love,