Color inspiration

I've been dreaming of Wales lately.  Not the grey, dreary place you might be thinking of, but Portmeirion, Wales. It has stolen my heart. 

We spent one night here on our honeymoon, and when we go back, we will stay longer. 

The light in this odd little resort village is magical. The colors, oh, the colors. Against the grey or blue sky (depending on the minute you look), they shine. 

I feel there is some yarn dying, inspired by this place, in my near future.  I am not sad about this one bit. Perhaps a Portmeirion cocoon, as well. 

In Gratitude Parts 1 & 2

A love letter to my fellow artists.

Dear beloved souls,

You are not alone, I see you.

Keep making, keep writing, keep struggling to express that push behind your heart, the spark in your mind, the good fight in your eyes.

Weather the storm. 

Wake up in the morning, stay up late into the night. Savor the afternoon. Greet your muse like an old friend, learn to lay fallow when she takes a vacation (perhaps... you need one too?).  Pour yourself some tea, drink some water, don't forget to eat.  Get out of your studio and doodle.  Rest. 






So much love,