The Opening


Guess what? Something really super happened a few weeks ago! This cocoon is the reason for all of my excitement!   To be fair, I'm always excited about cocoons, but this one, this one is going to a Show!

In Public!  

To be seen by people I don't know and have never, will never meet! 

This is my first foray into galleries, and I am thrilled and honored to be part of Fiber at Liberty Town!   If you're in the Fredericksburg, VA area, do go check it out!  The show runs from October 2nd through November 1st.  Let me know if you make it! 

Why Liberty Town?  I used to live in the area, and have been keeping an eye out in general for a show that felt like a good fit for me and my cocoons. A good chunk of my family still lives in there, and it feels good sending one of my pieces home, even if I can't make it up there myself. 



With Purpose


It's a major buzzword these days, thinking, doing, walking, breathing, all with awareness. It can get exhausting, if you're not in the right space. It's easier, some days, to go through the motions more robot than human. 

It is also an important word, any day, any era, any world.  How do you walk through life? With your eyes open and staring up, down, or ahead?  Perhaps closed? A mishmash of all of these, depending on the moment, whirling around trying to grasp what's flying past?

Me too. 

Lately, I've been making more of an effort to be aware of my seat in the universe, especially in my studio.  If I'm going to create beauty, I want it to be soulful beauty, as often as possible.  I know it's an energy flow, and it will ebb and flow with the tides, but I am aware of it.  That, for me, is the struggle/goal/inspiration right now.  To be aware of my intention when I sit down at the bench, comfy chair, or loom.  To work with an open heart, crafting each piece with care and love so that it will fit you the best it can.  The more I do this, the more often it works out.  Practice works- who knew? (ha!)

Here's where this path has taken me, lately. 

a bag and cuff, mellowing out together, soon to be finished. 

cocoons, hanging from the ceiling, waiting for their embellishments. 

the latest weaving project, color movement through tiny yarn of silk and wool.

Musings from the Studio

I posted this photo on instagram the other day, the caption was "Two done, a blue to go. Picking out the pieces".  A dear client of mine mentioned how she wished she could watch me work.  My answer surprised me in its clarity (bless those pre-caffeinated morning dream thoughts), I wanted to share it with you, and expand a little.  " feels like walking through a room you know well, with your eyes closed. But still being able to find what you need."

For instagram, that's a solid answer, for me, I wanted to delve in more.  I figure, if I've surprised myself, let's see what else is in there!  

When a cocoon is dyed and is ready for its embellishments, I try not to let my brain rule the roost. I dim those lights, and brighten my intuition. My heart leads.  I hold up tubes of beads, palm stones and squint at the cotton threads. Sometimes I find myself moving towards subtle color matches, and contrasting tones the next.  Every bit is important, every piece chosen with care.  The weight of the final pod is a mystery, until it is finished, but I can see a glimmer of how large of a project it will be by the amount of beads I think I'll go through. A lot of the times I'm wrong, and the cocoon is much more stitch-heavy than bead-heavy, it's always a experimental process.  Each cocoon is as unique as you and I are, but like us, a common thread runs through them (pun SO intended).