Evolving into Art

When I've spoken about my cocoons in the past, they've been very much about, well, me.  How they are my meditations, and opportunity to explore space and stitches, sometimes specific emotion.  It’s been a beautiful yet passive relationship.  I spoke of how hanging things from the ceiling will change a space, but haven’t explained why it changes it.  I told you about the hundreds of beads, but not how it feels to hold one in your hand, cupping it closer, to examine the details.  I've been technical about something that- at the very end of it all- is emotional and kinetic in energy.  I'm just realizing this myself, evolving as a artist-maker. 

And then, (as the storybooks go) The Emergence was made.  Made for someone in mind. Made to honor that bright soul, to sing how I love her being in this world.  After a beautiful conversation I realized that I had opened up more to the universe when I made this cocoon, and knowing that opened me right up to a good, hard fact.  The cocoons are more important than I realized, more important than I wanted to admit to myself.  These are vessels for the stories that we are living. 

When someone chooses to bring one of my cocoons into their space, I hope it shifts the energy in the direction they need. A token of hope, a reminder that the darkness does not last, a note to stop and breathe.  I hope they hang it somewhere they see everyday. That they touch it, and feel the weight of wool studded with beads and thread in their palms. 

I want to keep making these, with others in mind, even if I don’t know who the cocoon will ultimately end up with. I’m ready (well, let’s be honest, ready, terrified and nervous but so willing) to share this new found level of capability in my hands.  To develop what’s been there all along, waiting for me to see it. 

I want to grown along with my art, and I hope it grows with you as well.