Luminus Cave

For the one who helps me shine.

Who finds the thread for me to pull.

The one who interprets my reluctance and hands me the hammer to break down the walls no longer needed.

All my love, always.


Gratitude Project Part V

For a dear, far away friend

To remind her of her Artist Heart.

Keep exploring.



Deep Winter

The season of harsh winds, cold fingers, red cheeks. Winter like I remember in the Shenandoah Valley. Where warmth was found in friends' homes, in the cafes, the library stacks.

Walking through ice covered snow, the crunch of each footstep.  Looking up into the snowing sky, seeing only black and white of sky and flakes as they fell.

Keep your heart warm.

A Bit of Blue

Blue, color of the sky.

Blue, color of your eyes.

Blue, color of river and tides. 

Blue, color of the mind.

Blue, color of the moon.


Custom made for a birthday.

Wool/silk, cotton threads, glass beads

Into the Wild

Oh, sweet, sweet Lacuna. You are so happy where you are, aren't you? I can tell. 

photo by Janet B.

photo by Janet B.

Into the Wild is a series of posts that are provided by you, my sweet patrons. I love seeing and sharing where my pieces end up.  If you'd like to send me an image or two to share, pop it on over to crbabbie (at) gmail (dot) com. 


As always, thank you. 


Snuggle down deep. 

Rest your head, your weary heart. 

Family will hold you, all of us, blood or not. 

A custom cocoon, for one of my favorite trios. 

Wool/silk, cotton thread, sequins,glass beads, pearls.

Sharing Art, Sending Love III

The third instalment of the sponsored Gratitude Project .


Sent anonymously.  

To one who is loved, held by magical forces. 

Love in chartreuse. 


Wool/silk, cotton thread, glass beads, a simple, special stone.

The Second Guardian

She stands before you.

The spells that protect you, this is where they come from, in your soul.

The secrets that are not ready to come out, they will be safe.

Blues swirling into greens and teals, back again.  The light reflects off the beads and the pearls gleam in the gentle movement.

Wool/silk yarn, glass beads, pearls, cotton thread.