Gratitude Project Part V

For a dear, far away friend

To remind her of her Artist Heart.

Keep exploring.



Clean Slate

You may have noticed that I've managed to focus on only a few projects lately.  It's the joy and pain of custom orders. I truly enjoy the collaborative energy that customs take, but there's also the pressure of meeting deadlines and praying that my work will be what the receiver thinks she asked for (or he!). 

It means challenges in trying something new.  It means hoping the colors come out alright, working into the night. Photos are key in showing not only progress, but also changes to the original design. Communication is so important!  

There’s a lot of faith. 

There’s a lot of fear and frustration. 

My studio becomes messy, cluttered, near disaster zone status.  Scraps of leather everywhere, bungled rivets scatter the floor, fighting with spilled beads for dominance. (Watch your step!) There is a buzz of energy as deadlines approach (backpacks are needed when school starts! eep!) 

The sweet relief of a successful custom order is brilliant.  The deep breath when the last bead or rivet is put in its place.  The click of the shutter as I take photos to record, to remember.  The swoosh of the broom as I unearth the floor and workbench from the clutter. 

Then there’s all the other projects I have on my plate… the ones that I want to work on in tandem with the customs, but don’t have time at the end of the day to play with. 

Speaking of which...


In Gratitude: Part 3

A welcome. 

Reaching out to connect. 

New neighbors, new town, new walls, new sounds. 

She left the islands, to find the heat of the desert.  A house-cooling of sorts

(it's too hot for housewarming). 

Firey orange, cooled with ocean dreams and turquoise hopes. 


My gift to another, to see, to share. 

In Gratitude Parts 1 & 2

A love letter to my fellow artists.

Dear beloved souls,

You are not alone, I see you.

Keep making, keep writing, keep struggling to express that push behind your heart, the spark in your mind, the good fight in your eyes.

Weather the storm. 

Wake up in the morning, stay up late into the night. Savor the afternoon. Greet your muse like an old friend, learn to lay fallow when she takes a vacation (perhaps... you need one too?).  Pour yourself some tea, drink some water, don't forget to eat.  Get out of your studio and doodle.  Rest. 






So much love,