Summer of Basics: Check in!

Ummm... guys- where did July go? As we're rolling right into August, I figure it's time for a check in on my Summer of Basics list! 

It's going really well and has be WAY more fun than I expected, and I was expecting a grand ol' time! I am 100% into making all of my clothes for forever. My new goal (ish) is to order a chunk of fabric every month or so- provided that I've finished the previous project (or am close enough to it that I will finish it by the time the fabric arrives and is washed and prepped). It feels SO good to wear something I've made almost every day- I'm looking forward to it happening everyday! I also need to make more things, so the items I've got done can take a break from being worn nearly non-stop! 

Alright, let's get back to the list. I've been rolling right along, upon review!

  • The Ebony Dress is finished and I want to live in it. I've ordered a 100% linen knit fabric that I'm hoping will also be a good fit for this pattern. 
  • The silk chiffon dress is also done and super fantastic, so light and summery feeling! It'll get it's own post soon, promise! 
  • I've finished my "wearable muslin" Archer button up shirt. It's also a winner. The next one's fabric is here and waiting to be washed and cut. I have to say, this was a fun challenge! So many little pieces and precision. I'll give it a dedicated post as well. I'm so glad I went with snaps! 
  • The red pants are ready to be cut out. I just need to spread out across the living room to do that and haven't had a chance. The muslin I made gave me some great modifications so I'm excited to see them finished!
  • Last but not least the Zooey yarn sweater continues at pace. I've got the back, sleeve and 2/3 of the front done! I had to order more of the brown, since I decided to do my stripes as 8 rows & 6 rows instead of even ones. Totally worth it. 

Whew! I think that's it. OH! I also need to show you my personal Karla dress, it's pretty spiffy and I love it.