Growth season is upon us! For those of you in the south (hi! me too!) spring is starting to make its slogging roll in to summer already. The daffodils have folded to the peonies, the rhubarb is stretching to the sky. A little too soon, if you ask me. I'm a cool weather gal, give me all the woolly layers, tea and baked things, thanks! *

Either way you feel about the warmth, I find myself caught up in the rhythm of it all. With each season change, reflections, ruminations and planning starts to ramp up. I am growing, we all are. For myself, art making is growing. Both in an emotional well-being state, and into a business I'm proud to call my own.

When I sit down to think about the changes I've been shifting into, all of the wide-narrowness of growth comes into focus. And then it goes right back to blurry. And back into focus, and so on. I know what I want. I want to create clothing, home goods and art for everyone, at every level. I want my art to both boldly challenge and whisper to its viewers. I want my clothes to empower and comfort their wearers. I want my towels to wipe down counters and make people pause in their dish drying to see the moment they are in. To feed people food that makes them close their eyes and savoir the moment of memory and flavor.

The challenge: how do I accomplish all of these things, and still maintain a semblance of balance in my life? I work at an office during the day, and really enjoy spending time with my husband and friends. The house still needs to be cleaned, yoga stretched, meals cooked, and let's not forget the art I want to be making 24/7!

Doing my best to get all of these things done can feel like an endless race. I admit, it gets exhausting, but it's getting better. The projects that call to me strongest are answered first, instead of what 'everyone else' might want. I'm learning and relearning that if my heart sings while I make, the song will catch other's attention on its own. 

*not that summer has EVER kept me from baking! I have a rhubarb pie calling to me from the garden... gotta go bake, bye!