Slow Fashion October

With the first week of October over, I realized that I had unintentionally joined in to Karen Templer's Slow Fashion month. I've been wearing at least one piece of me-made clothing every day this week! Below you can see the photos- as I realized too late that I was wearing handmade a lot this week I don't have any outfit photos. But it happened, for real. 

I love knowing that I can make it a whole week wearing my 'own' clothes. Now that I've done it without trying to, I want to do it even more! First things first- I need to clear out a lot of old clothes that I've been hanging on to for too long. Things that don't fit in my wardrobe either by size or style. It is a task I've been putting off in favor of more exciting things- refreshing the studio, for example. :) 

If anyone's interested, here's how I wore all of these:

Blue raw silk Dress No 2.- rose belt (made for our wedding) leggings, grey boots

Black Tee Dress- leggings, saddle tan shoes

Sweater- tank top, pencil skirt, leggings, motorcycle-style boots

Pink-Black Karla Dress- Black archer shirt (I really need to photo that thing), leggings, new black boots

Green raw silk Dress No.2- Jeans, motorcycle-style boots