Place (Sacred Space)

I'm newly embracing 'Writer' as part of my self-seen image. It all started when I submitted to Rachel's call for writing to support her thesis work. I pulled out some thoughts I had been playing around with, popped them into her form and hit send. Then I promptly forgot about it. 

Then she let me know my work was chosen to be included. So I sent her a title (after asking her to send back what I sent in- I had forgotten to save a copy!) and while I was tickled, I didn't know what to expect. I imagined the writing she collected would be printed and hung with her textile work, then taken down and tucked away. Or perhaps she'd compile them into a hand-made zine for the opening night. You know, nothing official, but still special.


Dudes, I was wrong. She made a BOOK. It has a UPC code and an ISBN number and when I received it in the mail, I was gobsmacked. It was beyond  and totally surreal, to see my name in the table of contents, and see my words printed in a real book. It's called Place (Sacred Space) and it is beautiful.

It was the best surprise. 

The whole thing is thoughtfully pulled together, and I've been savoring the pages here and there. It's an honor to be included in such a collection.

If you'd like one for your own shelves, here's her site.

I borrowed these images from Rachel :)