Open Hands

Sometimes it takes me a while to really listen to what I’m hearing.

It turns out I really enjoy helping people spruce up and build their Squarespace sites. 

It is a fun, slippery puzzle to figure out how my clients want their websites to feel. How to help them get to that point. To give them an outside view from above, before diving in to pick out what’s the truest parts, to polish and shine the website until it reflects their message clearly. 

Websites are a big deal, they go deeper than social media, they give us a platform to dig deep into what makes us tick, what we want to share with the world.

I want to help you shine through your site, let’s get started.

Thank you so much for your invaluable work, time and love on my website!

Your intuitive guidance, gentle nudges, and skill gave me a website that I love, and that I would never have been able to put together myself.


Harmony Farm

“I tend to ramble my creative genius all over the place in what I call off-road communication. Cat was able to raven within these rambles a clarity of my voice and my offerings. Her ability to hear the greater message in between the words of my truth and orchestrate an organization that made sense while retaining style. She really listens, and is incredibly fast when there's a task at hand. I am so grateful I took the plunge to get her help with my website. “

Nissa Howard