Muddling through

I don’t know where to start this year.  

The attic is the cleanest it’s been since who knows when, and that feels good.

I did that the day after I learned my sweet Meme passed away, surrounded by the families that could be there. Finding order in the physical world while I shuffled though memories and the deep-soft sadness of loosing such a loving woman. 

I had plans, to spend that day working on a new template for my website, to planning out a sketch of the year, full of art-making and connection-building. But here I am, missing a woman who I learned to love baking from, who always had a hug ready for you, and delighted in her family. I think she would have understood completely why I instead got grimy, sweaty and filled the shop-vac to the brim with sawdust and cobwebs. The planning was too much in my head and heart, both which were full of her memory.

Here’s the thing... I already know what I want to do this year. I want to forge links between my hands, my work and my people. To create more beauty for this world to absorb. I don’t need a game plan for that... but I do need one for how to share it with you. I’m a life-time lover of lists and that’s what I’ll work on. Lists of galleries, studio spaces, and people.