Last night

I’m sitting in the studio, listening to Shawn’s music as he reorganizes his massive record collection. I’m fighting a cold that’s trying to move into my head. Fidgit is pestering me on and off for affection, snuggle breaks are my favorite breaks. A scarf has been woven in a day. It feels good to have it off the loom, to have the loom empty, ready for a new project tomorrow, in the new year. 

Most of my work has been in patchwork these past weeks, well, that and a new pair of thick wooly socks. The patchwork is a puzzle with no picture. This medium reminds me of watercolors, moving color and shape around until it’s pleasing. Adding details and large swaths as needed, to keep things interesting. I am looking forward to where this path of sewing will take me, to see where it intersects with painting and everything else. 

Tonight is it for the year. The last night. I hope if finds you warm, safe, and content.  I hope you know when to rest, when to stoke the fire in your belly that drives you towards the truth. May the year be peaceful, and may you have the strength to carry your burdens, and to put them down when it’s right to.  

If you find yourself with different ‘new’ year anniversaries as the calendar year unfolds, give room for celebration, for quiet contemplation.  

May your year be happy, dear ones!