Kitchen Recovery

Now that the kitchen is ‘done’ (what home project is ever done- really?) I have found myself at the crossroads again. The one where I step towards the next big project.

This is how I seem to cycle when making- one BIG project studded with little side projects as I need mental breaks from Ol’ Biggun.

During the Kitchen Time these things happened:

Wove yarn I had dyed months previously, making a squishy cowl and a light-yet-warm scarf

Designed and constructed two purses

Tooled a guitar strap for a lucky fellow (not my husband, someone else’s)

Watercolored a bit

Made a few small tapestry weavings

Stitched on felt for a new series of cocoon maps

I went to work at the office job every day, cooked as much as I could, spent time with my lovely family, and managed a few friend dates in there too. Plus all the usual everyday crapola like laundry and cleaning the kitty litter.

The kitchen took just over a month of solid demolition, which I did the majority of. It was good, hard, physical work that threw me just enough curve balls that I was EXHAUSTED by the end of it. People- I forgot the July existed, jumping from June to August when trying to plan a deadline for work.

Sure, I could’ve let my art take a break while all of this was happening, but my brain feels so much better when I’m in that studio. Admitting, in the last week or so, I did take a break from the studio. Mostly because my hands and arms were begging for a break, the poor dears. My brain, as foggy as it was, still missed making during that break.

My hands are back to normal now, time to rebuild those creative muscles! I've got big plans for the next new big thing, more coming soon! 

the felt series in progress...

the felt series in progress...