Digital Housekeeping

I work in different mediums, always have, and always will.  My studio is roughly organized by medium, depending on how busy I am.  In general the workbench is for leather and beading, the desk for painting and yarn winding, the comfy chair for knitting and dreaming. The loom is the only thing that's dedicated space to one activity, though I'll admit to draping patterns over her frame on occasion.  My supplies all have places they belong in (whether or not I put them back in that spot when I'm done is another story altogether).  

In my online home, here, I've been adding gallery after gallery, showcasing what I've finished in each of these, putting them together in families.  My tabs were getting out of hand, cluttering this space in a way that was starting to feel icky, overcrowded.  So I finally took some time to find a solution, the Galleries tab now houses my artistic families.  You'll find photos of cocoons, weaving, leather and images I'm proud of under this tab. 

All together, but out of eachother's hair, the perfect sibling balance. 

I hope you enjoy perusing through my finished thoughts. 

Much love to you.