Seeking Light

Initially, this piece of fabric was motivated by two simple thoughts:

  •  To use up a giant cone of mystery yarn
  •  To make curtains that provided privacy without sacrificing too much light (we just got new neighbors after over a year of the house next to ours being flipped...)

It began simply as an experiment of creating a fabric that would let light in. It began to turn into a battle of wills. I wrapped the yarn around the back beam in the wrong direction twice. The yarn itself was a bigger pain in the ass to work with than I expected, slippery, stretchy, generally ill behaved. I was making shuttle-throwing mistakes and found a few threading ones... It was becoming a mess. 

I considered cutting it all off and throwing the whole thing out.  It became more complex, each time I let an error or slip stay in the fabric.

Instead, I decided to accept the mistakes, the missed threads. I embraced the fact that human hands made this fabric would show loudly. I changed from twill to a plain weave whenever I wanted. Double, tripling the yarn on the shuttle so that there would be thick and thin bands running across. I realized, after a while, that this simple experiment was turning quickly into a piece of art right under my nose. It was becoming more complex, the less I worried about doing things 'right'.

It became thick with meaning and metaphors. We do not know what our lives will be made of. I do not know what kind of fiber this yarn is made of.  

It is unevenly woven, with thick and thin spots.  Our lives are thick and thin, full of energy and goodness. Worn to gauze with grief and over-action. Stitched up with care and love, buoyed by the support of loved ones.

The pattern changes, seemingly at random. The way we move through present into the future is always changing. As we make adjustments and decisions the path and patterns we walk change. Each decision made to change the shuttle, the treadling {to our lives} changes the pattern. So what seemed random to start with really made sense all along, we just couldn’t see the bigger picture.  

The fabric is hidden on the front beam as it is created, the beginning hidden from the end.  If that’s not a beautiful metaphor for life, I’m not sure what is. When it is pulled from the loom, cut and tied off, washed and held up for inspection, the whole picture is revealed.  

Errors turn into knowledge gained. Patterns changing signal growth and Truth. Knots are healed and healing scars. Fabric is draped around the body, around the home, to add warmth and protection.


When I finished the fabric, it had already named itself.  

The Shroud of Living.  

A little morbid, perhaps, but so is life, at the end of it, we will be wrapped in shrouds. 

I cut the fabric in half, and stitched it into curtains.

Death is everywhere, let the light in to the dark places

I hung them in our bedroom, keeping our lives inside a safe place, yet letting light shine in.  

This fabric has taught me. I am grateful and am eager to keep learning.

Back to the studio, to making, for me. I will always go back to this heart-space, it is home. 

Grey-Warp Towels

New towels, on an all grey warp, mixing in with coral, aqua, cream and butter yellow weft. I'm taking these to the Finder's Keepers Market today, and will update the shop as soon as I can with any that don't find a home! If you're in Charlotte, come out to Noda Brewing (N.Tryon location) from 1-6! 

Working, Warping

Adjusting tension, measuring yards, tying knots, cranking the yarn through, detangling as I go. 

Simple as breathing

I have a series of shawls I'm still working on.  There's a few in the studio, a couple who have found their homes early.  

Luxurious fibers- silk, linen, bamboo rayon, cotton, hemp. Lightweight with a touch of ethereal calm.  Each creamy white shawl is accented with one color.  A color I hand dye, gently given from my muse. Creating a pattern that is akin to ikat; if those patterns were studied under a microscope.  

Made as meditation, the shawls are woven from the heart. Sung over with well wishes and reminders to breathe. Love woven through every inch of fabric. Fringe for fiddling with. 

Drape it over your shoulders in meetings, wrap it around you at weddings, throw it around your neck as you run out the door, carry it in your totebag.  Versatile, strong and soft, these shawls will walk with you, ready for anything.  

I hope to make more soon, to complete the first round in this series.  Stay tuned.  If they're calling to you, let me know and I will make one for you alone. 

Keeping it Clean

Inspired by practical beauty, I've been weaving towels. For the kitchen, or the bathroom, your pick!  They have been traveling to the summer markets and have been quite a hit!  This color story is limited to what's in the shop now.    

Absorbent 100% Cotton, handwoven in a classic twill fabric.  Hand stitched hem and hanging loop. Ready to clean spills, dry your veggies and add some handmade fancy to your kitchen

Special discount for you dear readers: CottonTowel6.  Save $6 on all towels. 

Stay tuned for the next color story, I'll be warping them up soon! 

Always Chasing the Light

I had to stop weaving to try and capture the light pouring into the studio this weekend.  

A new set of towels is in the making. Hoping to have them pulled together in the next few weeks. 100% cotton, random zigzags, hanging loops... I have to say, they're lovely. 

Cotton in Blue

This scarf is 100% cotton, and was a 100% dye challenge I set myself. 


My comfort zone is my beloved wool & silk blend, and wool in general. I've been dyeing these fibers for years, I know what my dyes will do, and can dance with "mistakes" and make them sing.

Cotton is not something I know about. It takes extra chemicals and doesn't respond as vibrantly as wool tends to.  I wanted to experiment with cotton as a potential for making bags, and wearables, of course. I ordered yarn, dye and soda ash. 

Challenge accepted. 


  I had no true expectation, so I was pleasantly surprised by the pale mint and blues that I pulled from the dye pot, I think it went quite well. 

This scarf is in the shop right now. 

It is narrow and long enough to wrap a bit, a perfect scarf for the Southern 'winter'. 

An Update

Exploring the cool side of the rainbow

Want to know what happens when you combine your favorite colors with you favorite yarn and start weaving?

Magic, that's what

Rainbow magic. Serious magic- the colors you dyed go perfectly together, as you weave in and out of the warped loom, blending to get that perfect purple-turquoise-green-chartreuse fade, savoring the softness of the wool/silk blend under your hand. 

The FRINGE.  Oh, my, can we talk about the fringe? Sweet soft heaven. I may add more...

50%wool, 50% silk, 12 inches wide, 60" woven length, plus 6" of fringe on either side. 

Once in a Blue Moon

This is a collection that celebrates the events that do not happen every day, every week, every month.  Those unique times you stumble across, often not realizing it until they are already sweet memories.

I'm opening the shop at 8:34pm EST, tonight, in honor of this rare moonrise over my home. 

Every piece being offered up has been made by my two hands, while they may be echoed, they will never be cloned.  They are their own, and are ready to be shared with you.

Each piece has been drawn, hammer-tooled, dyed, stitched or woven by my hands.  These hands will never come again to this earth.  They are different hands today from yesterday, and will keep changing tomorrow. 

This work holds pieces of me within them, full of good wishes, calm, and a dash of sass (because, if you're making something, it should have at least a little sass, especially if it's a fox cuff!).

A Blue Moon is an extra full moon, either within the calendar month (as it is tonight) or the third full moon within a four moon season. The first full moon this July rose on the second, and so, we have a modern Blue Moon tonight.