The Lily Tank Top

Individually dyed, hand-cut bias tape, raw silk


Named after my sister, who I love to the ends of the universe. 

Versatile, breathable, wear it out with jeans or dress up for your job interview

New dresses

Here are some finished dresses and tops that I haven’t really shared here yet. All are on the same mannequin. She’s got a 36” bust, so you can see how flexible sizing really is! Each piece is made of raw silk, hand-dyed, and sewn by me. The dresses have pockets! 


Large, hand-stitched vintage paillettes and beads

Large, dyed with indigo


Lotuswei and the Flower Lounge

Sometimes I get to be apart of something magical. When Robin connected me to Katie Hess of Lotuswei, I knew this was one of those times. She was gathering people together, to share the joy of flowers, meditation and ancient wisdom. The group that would be guiding the experience needed shawls. Meditation shawls, expansive, dyed to the colors they are called to. BIG swaths of raw silk, to wrap around them, to hug their spirits and shoulders. 

It was an honor to be a part of all of this beauty. 

Thank you, dear ones, for letting me join, and for allowing me to share these photos. 

The Flower Lounge

Flower Lounge *Love* 

Flower Lounge *Love* 

As you explore Katie’s site, be sure to listen to her podcast! It’s now quite a favorite of mine  

Flower Lounge *Love* 

Flower Lounge *Love* 

Shawls hanging to dry, waiting to be sent to their new homes

Shawls hanging to dry, waiting to be sent to their new homes

Navy Blue Galaxies

I love how the dye took to this dress! I have a few more on deck that will also be blue, I can't wait to see them pop against the autumn leaves this fall! 

Summer of Basics: Check in!

Ummm... guys- where did July go? As we're rolling right into August, I figure it's time for a check in on my Summer of Basics list! 

It's going really well and has be WAY more fun than I expected, and I was expecting a grand ol' time! I am 100% into making all of my clothes for forever. My new goal (ish) is to order a chunk of fabric every month or so- provided that I've finished the previous project (or am close enough to it that I will finish it by the time the fabric arrives and is washed and prepped). It feels SO good to wear something I've made almost every day- I'm looking forward to it happening everyday! I also need to make more things, so the items I've got done can take a break from being worn nearly non-stop! 

Alright, let's get back to the list. I've been rolling right along, upon review!

  • The Ebony Dress is finished and I want to live in it. I've ordered a 100% linen knit fabric that I'm hoping will also be a good fit for this pattern. 
  • The silk chiffon dress is also done and super fantastic, so light and summery feeling! It'll get it's own post soon, promise! 
  • I've finished my "wearable muslin" Archer button up shirt. It's also a winner. The next one's fabric is here and waiting to be washed and cut. I have to say, this was a fun challenge! So many little pieces and precision. I'll give it a dedicated post as well. I'm so glad I went with snaps! 
  • The red pants are ready to be cut out. I just need to spread out across the living room to do that and haven't had a chance. The muslin I made gave me some great modifications so I'm excited to see them finished!
  • Last but not least the Zooey yarn sweater continues at pace. I've got the back, sleeve and 2/3 of the front done! I had to order more of the brown, since I decided to do my stripes as 8 rows & 6 rows instead of even ones. Totally worth it. 

Whew! I think that's it. OH! I also need to show you my personal Karla dress, it's pretty spiffy and I love it. 

The Karla Tank Dress

Named after my first Charlotte friend, one of my bestest pals and trouble makers (seriously, look at that face). I am thrilled, excited, and a little terrified to introduce you to the Karla Tank Dress. Thebe


The Karla is made of raw silk, which has a light, cottony feel, and is just dreamy to wear. Like linen, it gets softer the more it's worn. The neck and arm bands are secured with habotai silk bias tape. The patch pockets are angled for easy hand resting and phone grabbing.

I was so excited to get this dress into Karla's hands that I didn't have time to take proper photos of it. Whoops!! I am nearly finished with two other dresses, one has a home, one is waiting to find its place. They'll have a quick photoshoot, and I'll wrangle Karla down for some more photos soon, too.

Everything is cut by hand, including that tricksy bias tape. I sew it up using French seams for a clean and durable finish. 

Then the dress takes a swim in the dye pot. 

This is where the real magic happens. I work intuitively with my dyestuff. I don't take notes, I trust my instincts and experience. The raw silk plays on it's own, taking in as much dye as that batch of fabric can stand. Bright and vibrant hues are subdued into easy wearing galaxies of color. Each dress is unique to its wearer. Some may be sisters to each other, but there will never be another dress exactly like yours.

As always, please feel free to reach out and ask any questions you have!