The Lily Tank Top

Individually dyed, hand-cut bias tape, raw silk


Named after my sister, who I love to the ends of the universe. 

Versatile, breathable, wear it out with jeans or dress up for your job interview


I’ve been experimenting in patchwork lately. It started as a way to use as much of the off-cut fabric as possible from the garments I’ve been making. It’s a double waste to do nothing with hand dyed fabric. I also wanted to make a new round of ornaments.

And so, patchwork pretties were made. But I found myself quickly fascinated with the puzzling together of colors and shapes, the same pleasure as a puzzle, but without any reference image. (Click on the images to see them bigger, if you’d like to get a closer look.)



They tie in closely to my watercolors and I have no idea what to do with the panels made so far, but have some ideas... I’d love to know what you’d do with them!

Slow Fashion October

With the first week of October over, I realized that I had unintentionally joined in to Karen Templer's Slow Fashion month. I've been wearing at least one piece of me-made clothing every day this week! Below you can see the photos- as I realized too late that I was wearing handmade a lot this week I don't have any outfit photos. But it happened, for real. 

I love knowing that I can make it a whole week wearing my 'own' clothes. Now that I've done it without trying to, I want to do it even more! First things first- I need to clear out a lot of old clothes that I've been hanging on to for too long. Things that don't fit in my wardrobe either by size or style. It is a task I've been putting off in favor of more exciting things- refreshing the studio, for example. :) 

If anyone's interested, here's how I wore all of these:

Blue raw silk Dress No 2.- rose belt (made for our wedding) leggings, grey boots

Black Tee Dress- leggings, saddle tan shoes

Sweater- tank top, pencil skirt, leggings, motorcycle-style boots

Pink-Black Karla Dress- Black archer shirt (I really need to photo that thing), leggings, new black boots

Green raw silk Dress No.2- Jeans, motorcycle-style boots

Navy Blue Galaxies

I love how the dye took to this dress! I have a few more on deck that will also be blue, I can't wait to see them pop against the autumn leaves this fall! 

How to wear the Karla Dress

any way you want to! But here are some of my favorite ways to wear mine!  


With jeans


Still chilly? Add a button up shirt or cardigan. This combination is one I'm going to be living in this autumn.


Or just a button up (boots, sandals, sneakers, all of my shoes fit well with this dress)


Leggings and a pullover! (another favorite combo!) 


Just leggings, and a back view too

And here is how the fabric moves on you! 

Summer of Basics: Check in!

Ummm... guys- where did July go? As we're rolling right into August, I figure it's time for a check in on my Summer of Basics list! 

It's going really well and has be WAY more fun than I expected, and I was expecting a grand ol' time! I am 100% into making all of my clothes for forever. My new goal (ish) is to order a chunk of fabric every month or so- provided that I've finished the previous project (or am close enough to it that I will finish it by the time the fabric arrives and is washed and prepped). It feels SO good to wear something I've made almost every day- I'm looking forward to it happening everyday! I also need to make more things, so the items I've got done can take a break from being worn nearly non-stop! 

Alright, let's get back to the list. I've been rolling right along, upon review!

  • The Ebony Dress is finished and I want to live in it. I've ordered a 100% linen knit fabric that I'm hoping will also be a good fit for this pattern. 
  • The silk chiffon dress is also done and super fantastic, so light and summery feeling! It'll get it's own post soon, promise! 
  • I've finished my "wearable muslin" Archer button up shirt. It's also a winner. The next one's fabric is here and waiting to be washed and cut. I have to say, this was a fun challenge! So many little pieces and precision. I'll give it a dedicated post as well. I'm so glad I went with snaps! 
  • The red pants are ready to be cut out. I just need to spread out across the living room to do that and haven't had a chance. The muslin I made gave me some great modifications so I'm excited to see them finished!
  • Last but not least the Zooey yarn sweater continues at pace. I've got the back, sleeve and 2/3 of the front done! I had to order more of the brown, since I decided to do my stripes as 8 rows & 6 rows instead of even ones. Totally worth it. 

Whew! I think that's it. OH! I also need to show you my personal Karla dress, it's pretty spiffy and I love it. 

Summer of Basics: Part 1

My Ebony T Shirt Dress is done and it is flipping fantastic! All in all, it is super comfortable and easy to wear. It's also a great echo of the store bought dress I've been wearing a ton! 

I made it out of a rayon blend I picked up at the local Joann store, not wanting to experiment with the knit linen fabric I've been eyeing. I followed the pattern, which was written clearly. The stitching is a combination of machine zigzag stitch and hand-sewn felled seams along the cuffs and neckband. The hand stitching happened out of frustration with my machine, which is now being serviced (thanks mom, for letting me borrow yours while mine is in the shop!) I used scraps of silk at the shoulders to reinforce those seams. 


Pattern from Closet Case as part of my #summerofbasics group! 

It is also perfect for twirlling. 

Crafting a Wardrobe (a make-along)

I'm diving in to Fringe Association's Summer of Basics make-along! I've been slowly adding to my wardrobe, with a loose goal of someday wearing only handmade garments, and this little scheme is just the ticket to motivate me to get stitching! 

My plans so far are mostly sewing, since that's where I'd like to strengthen my skills, but I also have a sweater almost on the needles so we'll see what happens as time allows! More is better, right?! 

Dress No.1 in a silk charmeuse fabric I'll dye once it's mostly sewn up 

Archer Button Up  in a fabric that's TBD, but I still miss the grey chambray shirt I lost years ago- so if you have a favorite chambray fabric source, let a woman know! 

Ebony T-Shirt Dress in a rayon blend I bought in an attempt to duplicate my favorite knit fabric dress BEFORE it falls apart (planning ahead- whaaat?!)

Modified Luna Pants in shot cotton. I've already re-drafted the waist to make it a high-waisted situation... now I just have to pull my bravery about me to cut the real fabric. If the first pair works out, be prepared to see more pants! 

There's also a stripy sweater that's almost on the needles. I need it to supplement this thrifted sweater I'm in looove with in a linen/cotton blend yarn (Zooey from Juniper Moon). I'm using the guide from Knit.Wear.Love, we'll see how that goes... 

photo by my momma

photo by my momma


I'm almost finished with a Dress No.1 in raw silk, which needs to be dyed, but it's so far along I'm not counting it for the make along. I also have a bit of woven linen that is destined to be some sort of top... we'll see what happens there. 

It sounds like I've got my work cut out for me (ha!) and I'm sure more will come. It's nice to see my plans all on one page!