Three days into this new year, and I haven’t done any of the things I usually do by now.

The yarn cabinet remains unsorted.

So does the fabric stash… it needs to be pared down significantly.

Let’s not talk about the books…

Lists of things I’d like to do in my studio/life/house remains unwritten.

I enjoy doing the above things, my little rituals. Traditionally done the last day of the old year, or the first day of the new. I’m also very okay with not having done these. I am still very much in the in-between stage that happens after a large project is finished. Where I get to sit still and sift through the emotions and physical reactions to consistent hard work that’s finally paid off. I’ll be sharing more thoughts and photos of the Goodyear Arts installation, it has been more rewarding than I ever imagined.

So I’ve been sitting quietly, the studio got a deep clean, and many things were let go, to make room for what’s to come. There’s plenty to sort through still (let’s not talk about the beads…) I’ve worked slowly, letting my hands and mind change projects as they called to me. At the moment I have three, no four, projects flowing through. A sweater, a new set of meditation shawls, a case for my brother’s cards and a watercolor that may be finished soon. All quiet things now, quick and slow repetitive motions that quiet my heart and let my mind explore.

And now, as my fingers cross the keyboard, I feel a list coming on. For the creative-making part of my world. Some for me, some for you.


·         Find a yarn to weave fabric for a skirt (perhaps the brown stuff can be over dyed?)

·         Plan more scarves and shawls, use the yarn collection as inspiration

·         Sew and dye more raw silk dresses        

·         Keep making cocoons, see where they lead

·         Explore weaving for the home, more towels- but also pillow covers and maybe light, lacy curtains too

·         As SOON as it warms up, (which may still be cold) get out to the shed and wake up the lapidary machine. I miss the rumbling hum

·         Weave more bags to combine with leather, use these to explore new weaving patterns

·         Take more photos, get outside, and explore the house, too

·         Get to know the inkle loom better- travel friendly weaving sounds important

·         Wet felting- more of this, soak up every ounce of the workshop in February

·         Keep watercoloring, it’s good for everything

·         Light more candles, they add such ease to the room they’re i


I hope this new year has found you hopeful and ready to explore your own truths deeper than ever before. I look forward to sharing my time with you here, and the rest of the social media that brings us together. Perhaps we’ll meet for tea, if we’re lucky in locations.

Be well, my dears!