The Creative Flame

After we returned from our (amazing English) honeymoon in November, getting back into my studio was important on so SO many levels. I had barely been in it except to breathe every once and a while for months. I was busy, and it was a fair trade (I need my sleep) but I missed that space. Holding myself to create.  And I had that Mandala purse to begin. Where to begin when one has been away for so long? At the beginning, with no plan except to try a new knife twist I chanced upon online (thank you, people with videos!)

Then this cuff happened. The twist was supposed to make a leaf, I created flame. To remind myself to keep creating. To keep the muscle memory intact. To trust that I had not forgotten what to do with blade and maul. Holding my breath as I experimented with paint and dye combinations.

It felt good.

I turned to the Mandala purse with a glad heart, reassured.