Hi! I'm Cat Babbie, a fiber artist, photographer, and writer. 

I explore the transformational power of weaving together different mediums- ranging through sculpture, weaving, dyeing color, and sewing to leather goods and peering through my camera lens. Experimenting with the expanse of fiber art is a vital part of how I functions as an artist and as a human in general. Each project I work with informs and expands on what comes next. Sharing my creative journey -bumps and bruises included- with my community is just as important as the work I do in my home studio.

I studied studio art and art history at James Madison University and have grown roots in Charlotte, NC with my husband and three cats in a cozy, 101 year-old bungalow.

photo by courtney swift

photo by courtney swift


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Writing: Place (Sacred Space)

Mentions: Charlotte Observer